Writing Your Own Vows 101

You’re getting married. You’ve got the ring, you’ve reserved the venue, and now it’s time to look at writing your own vows. Where do you start?

When you want to create your vows there are a few things to consider. First of all, why do you want to write your own vows? It can be a lot of work, stress, and uncertainty… or not.

Creating your own vows can be, and is, a personal experience that is exciting, enlightening, and empowering. It can be especially so when your vows have an impact above and beyond expressing your love and commitment.

Vow writing 101

  • Start by finding a quiet place where you focus and just be present to what you are up to… Creating a vow, a promise, a commitment to someone.
  • Have a pad and pen, or your iPad, phone, or laptop where you can put down random thoughts that pop into your head relating to what you want to express.
  • Don’t try to force words to “fit” but rather allow how you feel to be what you express.
  • Don’t waste time trying to “get it right”. Give yourself the grace to fully express yourself!
  • Get present to;
    • Who is this person for me
    • Who am I for them
    • What is it that has you want to marry them
    • Who do want to be for them
    • What can they count on you for

Once you start to presence yourself to these questions you will have a beginning to writing a phenomenal vow that will make a difference to you when you read them. A vow that will have an impact on who is hearing them. A vow that you can fulfill with joy, love, and full self expression!

For a sample of what this could look like as a finished product you can follow this up with one of my blogs “A sample of a custom “Hers“/”His” vow.”