Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

My name is Dennis L. Lautzenheiser and I’m an ordained wedding officiant / Minister available for non-denominational and interfaith wedding ceremonies in and around the Wine Country Temecula area to create dream weddings.

Packages Include:

  • Pre wedding consultations in person or via Skype
  • Customized ceremony planned to your wishes
  • Custom wedding vows assistance and writing
  • Pre-ceremony rehearsal
  • Legal documentation post ceremony

Frequently asked questions

What’s the difference between a Minister who has been ordained and an officiant?

In regards to the ceremony, there is no difference. I’m a minister who performs the services of an officiant. Both have to be recognized and licensed in their particular state as well as authorized to perform wedding ceremonies. We tend to relate “ordained minister” with someone who has a congregation or “church” they are associated with. This is generally true, but not always.

Who should I choose to perform our ceremony?

When making a decision on who will perform your ceremony, I feel it’s more about your “connection” to the person. Anyone licensed can do the job, but it’s his or her connection to you that makes the whole thing fit together into a great package.

Wedding vows – What kind should we have for our ceremony?

The all important question that comes up a lot is what kind of Wedding vows should we have for our ceremony? And my answer always is…whatever you want is the only right answer. Getting there isn’t like doing a wedding checklist, but more like realizing just how great this is going to be…being married to your best friend.

Ask yourself…Who are they for you? Who will you be for them? What promise do you make to them that inspires and lights you up?

Getting to there with a couple is the best part of creating a great ceremony that people will remember. However, if you’re still looking for assistance in creating your wedding vows, download my sample wedding vows here.

Can you marry us if we have a marriage license from San Diego?

Yes! San Diego marriage licenses are perfectly good in Wine Country Temecula.